A City Called Cerveteri

The Siege of Cerveteri


With the recent assult on Cerveteri and the parties meager results in thier call to arms things are looking fairly bleak. Eventually, after much discussion, the party plans to assult the school that the Ghoul was allegedly held up in by way of stealth (Duo providing the support for this by making Valencio and Vialthen invisible for the assult). On the way Valencio realized that the staffs of those who were controlling the Kar-wrights would be useful for his abillity to Turn Undead, and after a very brief tussel, he obtained one.

The school building was host to many many casulaties, among them school children and quite a number of Throatslitter ninja. One survivor, however, was discovered, Heizo Honami. Honami was in pretty bad shape but with some ministrations he recovered enough to let the party know that the ghoul was not along in this building. The alledged sorcerer that Vialthen and Cpt. Vale encountered at a rather horrible party was here as well. This was soon discovred by the party as the alledged sorcerer, in his modus oppurandi of being incorporeal, launched a series of curses and rages at the party, fading back into the walls or ceilings after every attack. Soon he was deafted, but before the final blow was struck he (while not tearing open a portal in time) faded back into the walls. The party felt triumphant if only for a few seconds as, fresh off the debilitating curses, the Ghoul and a group of cultists attacked. The Ghoul got a devistating bite in on Valencio and Duo then rushed over to aid him. The cultists then used their numbers and poisoned blades to nearly cripple Vialthen. Duo’s attacks against the Ghoul availed little due to his healing and ability to shrug of portions of hits. Valencio faired better incinerating the majority of the cultists. In the midst of the battle Shoka appeared as if from nowhere muttering about killing them all. Duo attempted to reason with her to no avail. The Ghould continued his assult badly damaging Duo, whilst Valencio attempted to hold the group together through healing and Vialthen, so weak he could barely hold up his armor, tangled ineffecually with the last cultist unable to access the clarity he needed to function in battle. However as Duo reached out with his blade magic killing the last cultist and teleporting himself and Valencio, who had both taken many wounds, further away from the Ghoul, Vialthen mustered up all of his strength (inner that is. Not outer as at that point his STR was 2) he struck with a very insightful strike bringing the Ghoul down. Valencio made short work of Shoka by paralzing her whilst Duo bound her and put a very special bullet into the Ghoul’s skull, one that should make sure he stays down for good. The party attempts to depart however the incorporeal sorcerer from earlier makes another appearance and attempts to finish of the party. Duo and Valencio however managed to make short work of him, his corpse dropping and this time remained tangible. With Shoka in tow the party again attempts to leave, this time they are stopped by a man(?) in a gas-mask bearing a music box of striking familiarity. The message it tells went thus:“Feint deceptive action: A deceptive action made to disguise what is really intended. Deceptive move: A deceptive move in a competitive sport. Mock attack: A mock attack by a military force, intended to draw the enemy’s attention away from the true attack”.

The pary attempts to leave and is this time sucessful. They head back to base weary and in bad spirits after this phryic victory. Upon their rest for the night, however, each of the party has strange and disturbing dreams. A possible portent for things to come?



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